internet-explorer-9-logo DON’T do it from “Control Panel”>>“Programs”>>“Turn Windows Features on or off”.
That will cause more trouble. Yes, looking at you, Microsoft.

Here’s how to do it cleanly.

  • Go to START → “Control panel” → “View installed updates”,
  • Now scroll down the list, look for Windows Internet Explorer 9 in Microsoft Windows section,
  • Double-click to Uninstall it,
  • After finishing, it’s better if you restart immediately,
  • Your previous IE 8 will be restored,
  • If you can’t find IE 8 yet by typing “Internet” in the START >> “Search for programs and files”, download IE 8 from here.
    However, don’t forget to select right language and right OS version. Install the downloaded file as usual.

For more noob-friendly-details, please visit Microsoft site, here.

However, I highly recommend, as your day-to-day browser, and as a truly faster, secure and reliable Internet browser, consider using Google Chrome or Firefox browser (To get now, click here)

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