Hello there! Welcome to my little corner on the internet.

I am Khaled, born & brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a techie, photographer, humanitarian, Muslim, traveler, and a blogger. I love to share my experience, knowledge, love, criticism, passion, idea, and feelings.

In general, my online pseudonym is kmonsoor. Also on Twitter.

Professionally, I am full-stack software engineer and currently working for Augmedix Inc. as a R&D engineer. i love simplicity of Python, articulacy of JS, and raw power of C. An data-science enthusiast. I created & manage the biggest Facebook group of data-science enthusiasts of Bangladesh.

My professional profile is available on Career 2.0 and Linkedin.com.
A PDF version is also available.

For any query, please feel free to send email to: k (at) kmonsoor (dot) com



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