Ended up with Windows 7 Enterprise in Korean language? What you are seeing, all are in Korean or any other foreign language? I am here to share my own experience. It may help you out.

As I was working for a South Korean conglomerate, I had access to Windows 7 Enterprise K. So, I have to face a lot of trouble to make the conversion to English. As, there is no Microsoft’s official help available, I have to find it myself. It would be great if I can share this with proper screen-shots of Korean Windows. But as I had already converted, I could not. Sorry about that.

First of all, it will be best if you can install Windows 7 English version directly.
If not possible at all, like your company have license only to use Korean version, or you purchased your laptop or PC in Korea. In those cases this post may help.

I am assuming that:

  • You have a valid license key or OEM VLK(Volume License Key) of Windows 7, either for Enterprise or for Ultimate edition.
  • If you don’t have Enterprise or Ultimate edition, but you have Home or Professional addition, the following method probably won’t work.


  • Install Windows 7 K on your PC; DON’T change any settings if you don’t understand what it is saying.
  • Don’t install any anti-virus yet. Or, any other system software.
  • Validate and register your license.
  • Go to Windows update on your PC.
    And update your Windows to Service pack 1. Please avoid updating Internet Explorer-8 to 9. Uncheck it.
  • Now Windows will restart automatically.
  • Again, Go to Windows update. In the optional section, you’ll will see a long list of language pack. Select English.
  • Complete update. Again restart.
  • If your Windows 7 K is not converted to Windows 7(English) then from Language settings, choose English as display language.
  • Again, restart.
  • Now it should be in English. Some text still may be in Korean. Don’t bother for it. Your life will be quite okay without those.
  • Now, install whatever software you want.


  • If now you are in trouble with Microsoft Office’s Korean package, check out my relevant post.
  • After completion, you may find trouble using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9. I don’t know why Internet Explorer 9 don’t work properly on Windows 7.
    If you face problem after installing it like “I.E. is not responding….”, “I.E. closed unexpectedly” etc. uninstall that.

But how? Please visit my relevant post.