Growth almost always lies in the discomfort.
The more tolerance someone has being uncomfortable, the more they got the potential to grow.

That also means, unfortunately, if you’re comfortable in your current situation, you’re stagnant; not growing. As change is the only constant in life, the above means, in actuality you’re in decline.

Resting, uninvested money get devalued with inflation. Resting gold gets targeted by miscreants.
Body decides to reduce unused muscles (mass, strength) and bones (density) and start accumulating fat instead.
Not-growing relationships get stale. Dead bedroom, barely held together by the responsibility of kids.
Skills get rusty very quickly. Stop speaking your mother tongue for a year and you’ll be hardly able to speak later.

Keep investing, diversified & informed.
Keep moving, growing muscle & strength.
Keep loving, bring surprise & fun.
Keep learning, new tricks & frameworks.

Stay uncomfortable. Become invincible.