Most things are completely out of your control, but you have control over your action about them.
The second part is called “having agency”.

You can’t stop the sun from rising, but you can always get a pair of sunglasses.

You can’t do anything when it’s raining outside, but you can take an umbrella with you.
You have “zero” control over the economy, but have control over your spending & saving habits.
You don’t know when your heart gonna stop, but can try to eat healthy and do exercise.

You can’t tell when your employer is going to fire you, but can always prepare for the next interview.
You can’t make someone like you, but you can always love yourself and become the best version of yourself.

Focusing on the first will make you feel hopeless and frustrated. Every time.
Focusing on the second will make you feel fulfilled and grounded. Every time.

You have to choose over the other.
In the end, this is the decision that will define you.

Choose wisely.