Once you have the essentials covered, like food, rent, clothes, etc., the best investment you can make is on … YOURSELF.
Duh?! you might be thinking. But hold that thought for a moment. This post isn’t so much about the money you can make but about fixing the internal issues holding you from the 100x, which you won’t be able to make otherwise.

The ROI should be in the 100x range, if not 1000x.

Invest in your physical health and fitness

Eat proper food, and secure some time to exercise regularly. Even better, if you can afford it, consult a real-life fitness trainer, not some IG bozo.

Invest in your mental health

Talk to a trained mental health professional. Find out if there’s any childhood trauma, subconscious burden, or any mental illness you’re carrying. Then, actively work on resolving it. There’s no shame in having an issue, but it’s not right to make the closed ones suffer because of it.

Invest in continuous education

No, not talking about another degree or a certificate course. What I mean is about continuously educating yourself to be a better person, a true leader, a effective planner, and such. Learning can be done in many forms & shapes. There are so many resources online or offline; free or paid; be it books, videos, podcasts, blogs, etc. you name it. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle and daily schedule.
Regardless of the medium, make an active habit of keep learning.

Buy” time

This one sounds a bit edgy, right? I know. But, hold on for a moment. This investment is good to go after you have started taking care of the previous ones. Then, the next best thing is to “buy” more time for yourself. I mean, save your own time by delegating chore-like repetitive tasks to others who are willing to do it for less. Everyone isn’t in the same financial position, and that’s how it works. When considering something to buy, don’t just consider it’s upfront price; consider how much time you have to spend to make it usable. Now, re-invest the saved time in something more productive. When you have a lot of time to spare, you can do more.

Be productive, be happy. Then, please share the happiness with others.