I think ... - controlhttps://blog.kmonsoor.com/2023-04-02T00:00:00+06:00Control vs Agency - The chosen path2023-03-14T00:00:00+06:002023-04-02T00:00:00+06:00Khaled Monsoortag:blog.kmonsoor.com,2023-03-14:/control-vs-agency-the-chosen-path/<p>Control vs Agency - The chosen&nbsp;path</p><p>Most things are completely out of your control, but you have control over your action about them.<br> The second part is called &ldquo;having&nbsp;agency&rdquo;.</p> <p>You can&rsquo;t stop the sun from rising, but you can always get a pair of&nbsp;sunglasses.</p> <p>You can&rsquo;t do anything when it&rsquo;s raining outside, but you can take an umbrella with you.<br> You have &ldquo;zero&rdquo; control over the economy, but have control over your spending <span class="amp">&amp;</span> saving habits.<br> You don&rsquo;t know when your heart gonna stop, but can try to eat healthy and do&nbsp;exercise. </p> <p>You can&rsquo;t tell when your employer is going to fire you, but can always prepare for the next interview.<br> You can&rsquo;t make someone like you, but you can always love yourself and become the best version of&nbsp;yourself. </p> <p>Focusing on the first will make you feel hopeless and frustrated. Every time.<br> Focusing on the second will make you feel fulfilled and grounded. Every&nbsp;time. </p> <p>You have to choose over the other.<br> In the end, this is the decision that will define&nbsp;you. </p> <p>Choose&nbsp;wisely.</p>